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What Factors Affect Your Arizona Automobile Insurance Rates?

Posted on: November 29th, 2009 by admin

Arizona Automobile Insurance


The best way to save money on your Arizona automobile insurance is to become an educated consumer.  In Arizona you are required to have automobile insurance if you plan on driving your vehicle.  Regardless of the insurance company that you choose they are all first going to look at your driving record.  If you have a history filled with speeding tickets and accidents you can expect to pay significantly higher insurance rates.  The reasoning behind this is pretty straight forward.  The Arizona automobile insurance company is scared that you are going to cost them money in the future.  On the flipside if you have a blemish free driving record you will be rewarded with lower car insurance rates.  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Insurance companies are also going to look at where you live in order to provide you with an accurate insurance quote.  Rates vary from one zip code to the next based on the claims history each insurance company has experienced in that area.  If you live in a high crime area with a lot of theft you can expect to pay higher rates.  On the other hand if you live in a safe area with low crime you will more than likely pay less for your automobile insurance.

The insurance companies are also going to look at the type of vehicle you are looking to insure.  The car that you choose could have a major impact on the price that you pay.  Insurance companies group cars into different pricing categories based on a variety of factors including the frequency at which a particular car is stolen, the number of claims the insurer has experienced with a vehicle, as well as the ease of which a particular car can be repaired in the event of an accident.

Finally, the insurance companies will look at things like the number of years you have been driving, your education level, credit history, and the amount of miles you drive on an annual basis.  Based on these characteristics you could qualify for significant discounts.

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