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Should I Buy AZ Car Insurance Online?

Posted on: February 1st, 2010 by admin

The internet has completely changed the way people shop for car insurance. An estimated 80% of people start their insurance buying process online. That staggering number is for a reason, it is easier online! The question is should you be purchasing your AZ car insurance online. There is no right or wrong answer for this, it really depends upon your preferences. We will classify people into two different categories. The first category are the people who like to meet their agent face to face and know that he or she is only a short drive away if they want to pop into the office. The second category of people are the ones who are fine doing business over the phone and email with their agent and are ok with their agent only being a phone call away. If you find yourself in the first category of people with the need of having that face to face interaction then that means you will need to find yourself a local agent and forgo purchasing your AZ car insurance online. If you are in the second category and fine with doing business over the phone and email then purchasing your AZ car insurance policy online is for you. The good news if you find yourself in the second category is that you usually will pay less for your car insurance. If you search for an AZ online independent insurance agency, what you will find is that these companies usually represent multiple insurance companies and are not biased to one company. Their goal is to find the lowest rate on car insurance for their customers by shopping on your behalf with all the different companies they represent. Just make sure that the online insurance agency only works with top rated insurance companies so you are not sacrificing on quality. The next time it comes to review your car insurance policy and you identify with the second category, give online insurance shopping a shot and see if you can save a little money!

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