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Shopping for a new vehicle? Lower your car insurance rate!

Posted on: November 24th, 2009 by admin

When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle the last thing on your mind is probably insurance. Most people are more concerned about the features of the car…does it have a sunroof, how fast does it go, will the entire family be able to fit and if the car is ultimately a good fit for them. What does your car insurance rate have anything to do with your new potential vehicle purchase? The decision you make can actually affect your rate. If you purchase a fancy foreign sports car how do you think that will affect your rate? You guessed it, it will raise it if you were previously driving a less exciting standard vehicle like a Ford Taurus. Typically the vehicle that has higher safety rankings and low damageability can provide you with a lower car insurance rate…
The question is how do you determine which vehicle is going to fit that criteria? A great resource you have at your disposal to visit is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Web site ( for crash test results on various make and models. This will give you the opportunity to give you some insight on how the vehicle ranks to give you a better understanding on how it will affect your car insurance rate.
So whether you are in the middle of your car buying process or getting ready to start looking remember to do one of two things or both. Check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety web site to find out how the vehicle you are looking at stacks up safety and damageability wise. Also ask the car salesman that you are working with (in between the questions about all the fancy features) what kind of safety features doe the car have, do you know how this could affect my insurance rate…it could end up saving you some money!

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