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Searching for Cheaper Scottsdale Auto Insurance?

Posted on: November 29th, 2012 by admin

Save on Scottsdale Auto Insurance

Are you in the market for Scottsdale auto insurance? A lot of insurance companies have been increasing their rates to help with the higher amount of claims.  There is hope though, if you have noticed your rates rising following our simple tips should allow you to find a better rate.

Scottsdale Auto InsuranceThe first step is to identify if you fit into the criteria for the average person who typically is overpaying. If you are able to relate to the following then you will want to read our simplified shopping tips further below.

              You have been insured with the same company for over 3 years and have consistently noticed rising rates.

              When you purchased your auto insurance you did not shop around.

              If your rates have been consistently rising and you call your agent he always tells you to hold tight until next year.

              When you speak with other people in similar situations they are paying much less than you are.

Shopping for Scottsdale Auto Insurance Made Easy

If you feel like you can relate to any of the above list then I have a couple of tips that will make your life easier. When you shop for auto insurance the goal like anything is to shop around to find the best rates. Each insurance company has complex rating systems that they use and each rating system is geared to price certain people out of their company and conversely price certain people in. Basically they will give the best rates to their desired clientele and the rest will have higher rates because they do not fit their ideal client. Each insurance company has different desired clientele so shopping around helps identify which insurance company is looking for your business and will offer you the best rates. Here are a couple of tips on how to simplify your shopping experience so you are not burning an entire day on shopping for auto insurance.

              Pull out your current policy so when you receive quotes you are prepared to the agent your current coverage for a true comparison from the start.

              Make sure you have a record of your driving history for accident dating back 5 years and moving violations for 3 years.  The agent will eventually find it anyways. Disclosing it early is to your benefit because you get a true price up front.

              Utilize an independent agent. Independent agents are not exclusive with one insurance company but rather work with a handful of top rated companies. This saves you time by being able to speak with one agent and receive quotes from 5 or more top rates insurance companies. If you decide to shop for auto insurance, following these simple tips could end up saving you a substantial amount of money.

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