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Posted on: March 4th, 2010 by admin

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How is it that if you put a hundred Arizona residents in one room and ask them how much they are paying on AZ auto insurance that the prices will vary so greatly? The main reason is that everybody is grouped by insurance companies based on how risky of a driver they are deemed. Each insurance company has different criteria they use to determine this and nobody knows for sure the exact formulas that they use. However a couple of the main components are things like claims history, violations history and age.  With that being said, the riskier the driver the higher the cost of insurance.

How do you save money then and find lower Arizona auto insurance quotes? You shop around with different insurance companies. It is no secret that if you get a quote from ten different insurance companies with the exact same coverage they are all going to come back with very different prices. The goal obviously in that case is choose the cheapest one (assuming it is ranked well by A.M. Best). If you want to have that luxury of having numerous insurance companies presenting you with Arizona auto insurance quotes then I would search for an online Arizona independent insurance agency. The unique advantage that an online Arizona independent insurance agency has is that they have the ability to work with numerous insurance companies versus just representing one company. With the technology they have they can offer you in a lot of cases the luxury of receiving quotes right online with only having to input your information once. Within a matter of the time it takes you to input the necessary information needed you can have numerous Arizona auto insurance quotes and then your job is just to pick the lowest price.  Now that is convenience!

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