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Posted on: January 6th, 2013 by admin

3 Tips to Save on Michigan Auto Insurance

Michigan Auto InsuranceHow often are you involved in a conversation that is focused on why we pay so much for our Michigan auto insurance? Chances are probably at least once over the course of the year because the reality is we pay a hefty penny for our auto insurance. This article is not meant to explain all the reasons why Michigan auto insurance is as expensive as it is but let’s just realize that Michigan ranks as one of the costliest states for auto insurance. With that realization what are some tips on how to lower your Michigan auto insurance bill?

Lower Your Michigan Auto Insurance Bill

Tip 1 – Shop Around

Even though this may seem obvious you would be surprised how many people just don’t do this. Just like most things in life if you want to save you have to spend a little time shopping to find the best deal. Insurance is no different. Michigan auto insurance rates vary greatly from company to company. Insurance companies have ideal clients that they want to insure and they offer better rates to those clients who fit into their ideal client category. The secret to finding the company that will offer you the best rates is by simply shopping around and requesting quotes from multiple companies.

Tip 2 – Use an Independent Agency

Most people are busy…really busy. They don’t have time to call all around town and spend 15 minutes with each company providing the information needed to receive Michigan auto insurance quotes. If this sounds like you then calling an independent insurance agency may be your solution. Independent insurance agencies represent multiple insurance companies rather than one. The beauty of this is that you do not have to call various companies because they will be able to quote you with various companies finding you the best rate.

Tip 3 – Capitalize on Discounts

When you are speaking with your current insurance agent or potential new agent make sure you ask about discounts. Insurance companies all have different discounts that they offer and losing out on 5% – 10% savings could be the matter of not capitalizing on a discount. Most knowledgeable agents will ask the appropriate questions to make sure you are provided with all the available discounts but it never hurts to ask just in case. A couple of well know discounts are accident free, good student, low mileage, good credit, multi-car, violation free and multi-policy. Some obscure discounts that a company may offer are discounts for occupation, driving habits, length of residency, tenure with current company, early shopping, among others.

Yes, Michigan auto insurance is very expensive relative to other states. However if you follow the simple tips above you should be able to lower the cost of your Michigan auto insurance and make it a little less painful the next time you have to pay your auto insurance bill.

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