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How do you shop for Arizona Car Insurance?

Posted on: November 23rd, 2009 by admin

There are a lot of Arizona car insurance companies out there fighting to earn your business.  You have a lot of options these days.  Different companies have different business models.  Some companies choose to operate locally with a local agent in each community.  Other companies choose to operate out of a central location utilizing to power of the internet and the telephone.  It is up to you to decide how you would like to purchase your policy. 

You may be paying more than you need to for Arizona car insurance.  The only way to be certain that you are paying a fair price is to shop around.  Every insurance company has their own proprietary algorithm that they use to determine the price they charge their clients.  Prices may vary for the same coverages drastically from one insurance company to the next.  You may be able to save hundreds of dollars by switching. 

Keep in mind that price should not be your only consideration.  It is often true that you get what you pay for.  Don’t assume that all insurance companies and agents are considered equal.  When making a decision on which insurance company to go with consider additional factors such as the company’s financial rating and their customer service ratings. 

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of Arizona car insurance companies out there.  When picking an insurance company make sure that they have strong financial ratings.  You want to make sure that the insurance company you choose will have the money to pay out your claim in your time of need.  An insurance company’s financial strength is reviewed by companies like A.M. Best. 

When I shop for anything I always want to hear about other people’s experience with the companies I am considering.  Make sure to sort through the clutter.  More often than not people turn to the internet to bash companies that they feel have wronged them.  Many chat rooms and blogs can paint an unfair picture of a company.  It is best to check out the ratings of independent rating agencies such as Consumer Reports, The Better Business Bureau, and J.D. Powers.

Hopefully this article will help to guide you through your insurance shopping journey.

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