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Home Insurance Phoenix – Bundled Discount?

Posted on: February 25th, 2010 by admin

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As a licensed insurance agent myself I am going against all conventional wisdom here in saying that you do not always get the best deal when you bundle your auto insurance Phoenix and home insurance Phoenix together. So many people believe that they will always get a better deal by bundling the two together with the same insurance company. The reason most agents say this is because they work for one insurance company so they want to keep your business so they tell you about the bundled discount or whatever their company calls it. The reality is that if you have your auto insurance with an insurance company and you decide to bring your home insurance to them also, most companies will give you a bundled discount. So you do receive a better rate for becoming a better customer by bringing more business to them. However it does not mean you are getting the best rate on your home insurance Phoenix. The other reality is that one insurance company may be cheaper for you on the auto insurance side and another company for your home insurance. You will forgo the “bundled” discount but at the end of the day you might be saving more money which is what really counts. If you decide you want to shop around and try to test this theory you can receive many online insurance quotes on the internet. Just to a search for online insurance quotes and you should see plenty of options. Make sure you choose an online independent insurance agency because they will represent multiple companies and will be able to give you multiple quotes. It is always a good idea to shop around once a year anyways so if you are getting to that point give it a shot and see if you split your auto and home insurance separately if you can save some money.

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