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Posted on: February 2nd, 2010 by admin

Michiganders love cars and we love to drive.  Our state has been built around the automotive industry and we take pride in the vehicles that roll out of our assembly plants.  It is no surprise given this state’s history that we have millions of driver’s out there on the road.  Driving a vehicle has always been associated with a sense of freedom.  I still remember my 16th birthday when my parent’s handed over the keys to the family vehicle.  I felt alive and was itching to get behind the wheel.  This new found freedom is accompanied with a new degree of responsibility.  Vehicles are powerful machines that can cause a significant amount of damage and devastation.  It is important to operate your vehicle safely, but we all know accidents happen.  That is why we have auto insurance.  (Auto Insurance Michigan)

Auto insurance policies provide protection to fix our car if it is damaged in an accident and they also provide medical coverage to take care of us and our passengers if we are injured.  In order to operate a vehicle in the state of Michigan you are required to purchase an auto insurance policy.  (Auto Insurance Michigan)  You may be asking yourself why you are forced to purchase insurance rather than given a choice.  The truth is that it is not only for your protection, but also for the protection of others.  Let’s take a look at a couple of expense to better understand the true importance of insurance.  Let’s say you own a car valued at $20,000.  If you choose to operate that vehicle without insurance you are taking a big risk.  If you damage that vehicle in an accident you will be personally responsible for the repair costs, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.  What if the car is destroyed?  Do you have an extra $20,000 just sitting around to replace that vehicle?  It is unlikely.  What if in that accident you injure the other driver as a result of your negligence?  To answer that question you will be more than likely be sued by the other driver.  Without auto insurance you will be personally responsible for your legal defense as well as any settlement that judge determines appropriate.  This scenario could devastate you financially and possibly lead to bankruptcy.  It is simply not worth it to drive without insurance.

The importance of auto insurance is not debatable.  Let’s focus now on ways to keep your auto insurance bill as low as possible.  The best way to save money on auto insurance is to shop around and compare the competition.  I recommend using an online independent agency to aid you in your search.  I have one site that I personally turn to once a year to compare insurance rates.  The link that follows will guide you to this site.  All you will need to do to get started is fill out an insurance quote request. After completing this from you will receive quotes from multiple insurance companies to choose from.  You could save hundreds of dollars a year!

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