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Posted on: March 17th, 2010 by admin

Every time we turn on the television these days we seem to be bombarded by advertisements on how much money each auto insurance company can save us.  Everyone seems to have the same message. They offer you the option to name your own price, promise fifteen minutes could save you money, even shop the competition for you.  The list goes on and on.  There is nothing wrong with these marketing tactics because let’s face it, they get your attention.  These commercials encourage people to shop around and compare quotes.  The key to saving money when you buy Michigan auto insurance is to shop around.   A lot of time people do end up saving money because it forces them to shop around and this allows you to save money.   People are often surprised by the price differences that exist from one insurance company to the next.  With a little effort you should be able to find low premium car insurance in Michigan.  There is one tactic, however, that I do not agree with.  Some individual insurance companies will claim to be able to give you the rates for their competitors.  This is very misleading.  Companies are only able to provide accurate quotes for the company they represent.  They do not have access to the quoting systems used by their competitors.  What they actually do is give you prices based off national averages and not prices specifically tailored to your situation and the coverage you are looking to have.  Do not be misled by this tactic when you buy Michigan auto insurance.  So it can be misleading because you are seeing prices from different companies thinking that they represent the true cost if you went to those insurance companies and received a quote yourself. The only true way to shop the competition and have quotes tailored specifically to you is to shop either with an independent insurance agent or shop yourself with each individual insurance company.  Independent insurance agents are a great resource because they usually represent numerous insurance companies and will shop on your behalf to find you low premium car insurance in Michigan.  You can find many independent insurance agents in the state of Michigan simply by using your favorite search engine.  Just remember if you want to shop and receive accurate quotes either shop with each individual insurance company or call an independent insurance agent. Good luck in your search for low premium car insurance in Michigan.

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