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Can I Really Save Money by Purchasing Online Auto Insurance Michigan?

Posted on: March 22nd, 2010 by admin

Every day we as American consumers are bombarded with marketing and advertising messages.  It seems like every time you flip on the TV there are ads on how to save money on your Michigan auto insurance policy.  We are often led to believe by the commercials that we can save by purchasing online auto insurance Michigan.  Every vehicle on the road is required by law to be insured.  This means there is a huge auto insurance market that all of the insurance companies are eager to dominate.  All of these companies are eager to provide you with Michigan auto insurance quotes.  The big question is will these advertisements really deliver what they claim? In some situations they will actually save you money.  Whether it happens in 15 minutes or not depends on your proficiency with technology and your ability to find the most efficient way to shop online.   The reason that you may save money is that it forces you to shop for Michigan auto insurance quotes…..and when you shop you generally save money.  It has become clear in recent years that shopping for online auto insurance Michigan can save you money.  Michigan auto insurance is very complex in that nobody really knows the exact formulas that each insurance company uses to calculate your insurance rates. Each insurance company is unique and different, while one company may be cheap for one person on one side of town, a very similar person on the other side of town the same company may be expensive for them.   When providing you with Michigan auto insurance quotes each insurance company is trying to decipher the risk that you pose to them.  The point I am trying to make is that you need to find the insurance company that is going to be cheapest for you and the way you do that is by shopping around and receiving different quotes. So to answer the question will 15 minutes or less save you money….probably.   When it comes to online auto insurance Michigan it is in your best interest to get multiple quotes to choose from.  As a rule of thumb make sure you always get at least three quotes from three different companies.  If you do not want to seek out three individual companies online then I would suggest looking for a Michigan online independent insurance agency.  They usually represent multiple insurance companies and will shop for you providing numerous Michigan auto insurance quotes for you to choose from. Keep in mind that the intent behind all of the commercials that you see is to get you shopping.  The truth is that shopping around is beneficial and could save you a significant sum of money.

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