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Posted on: April 20th, 2010 by admin

If you are serious about saving money when you buy Michigan auto insurance then I suggest doing the following . . . Call up your insurance agent and ask him how many insurance companies he or she represents.  If the answer is only one you may be paying too much for your auto insurance.  In the insurance world there are captive agents and independent agents.  Captive agents represent only one company, where as an independent agent represents multiple insurance companies.  The benefit of working with and independent insurance agent when you buy Michigan auto insurance is the fact that they can shop the competition on your behalf.  Once they have completed their search they will return with multiple quotes for you to choose from.  If you work with what is called a “captive agent” they only work with the one insurance company they are employed with, in a case like this they will not be able to offer you anything but a price from their company. In this instance I would suggest looking for an Michigan independent insurance agent to help you shop around and buy Michigan auto insurance.  It is always a good practice to shop around because ultimately that is how you will find the insurance company that will be the cheapest for you.  A growing number of people these days are utilizing the power of the internet and purchasing online auto insurance Michigan.  The internet has made everything easier.  Many Michiganders have saved hundreds of dollars buy purchasing online auto insurance Michigan.  With very little effort you should be able to find an MI independent insurance agency that is eager to earn your business and save you money on your auto insurance.  Don’t put off your search for cheap auto insurance any longer.  The point of this article is to get you to take action.  All to often consumers just sit back as their insurance company continually raises their rates.  Let’s make today the day that you purchase online auto insurance Michigan and save big.

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