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AZ Car Insurance – How to reduce your premiums

Posted on: November 26th, 2009 by admin

There are many ways to try and lower your AZ car insurance. Here are some  common ways of doing so…..

I have not had any accidents or violations, so why do my auto insurance premiums continue to increase?
An insurer’s premium increases are a direct reflection of the countrywide or statewide pool of losses that the insurer experiences. The losses of the few within the insurer’s pool of policyholders are paid for by all policyholders within the pool. This is the basic premise upon which the concept of insurance is based and without which no insurance would be available. This does not mean that your own favorable loss experience cannot be recognized. Various insurers give numerous discounts to policyholders which recognize their excellent driving records. (See next question for type of discounts.) Other reasons for the increase in the cost of AZ car insurance are attributable to the costs to settle losses such as the costs to repair vehicles and the medical costs for injured persons which continue to rise. The increase in lawsuits is also a major factor in insurer rate increases.

What are some other options that I can do to reduce my premiums?
Take advantage of the discounts offered by your insurer. Most insurers provide discounts for at least some of the following: accident free drivers discount; a package discount for insuring your home and auto with the same insurer; multiple auto discount; good student discount; nonsmokers discount; and passive restraint discount (for vehicles with air bags or automatic seat belts). You may also consider higher deductibles for your comprehensive and collision coverages.

I have tried all these tips but still cannot find a premium that is affordable for me, are there any other ways?

Shop around with different insurance companies. Each insurance company is going to be priced  to each individual. By shopping around with different companies for your AZ car insurance you allow yourself the greatest opportunity to find the lowest price for you.

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