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Posted on: December 10th, 2009 by admin

Finding an affordable auto insurance Arizona provider was proving to be a challenge for me. After a few claims my current company dropped me. I had recently had my car stolen from my driveway and my wife had gotten into an accident a few weeks before that.

It seemed as if I were being followed around by a black cloud of unfortunate luck. After obtaining a few quotes from different auto insurance Arizona providers I realized that I would have to pay sky high rates because of these recent claims. I was worried that I would be unable to find affordable coverage.

I knew that I would need to alter my policies and really take a good look around for an auto insurance Arizona provider in order to keep my policy at a rate that I could afford.

I found a company that used your credit score to help adjust your insurance rate. I knew that I had an excellent credit score and thought that I could at least use that to my advantage.

I contacted the company immediately to discuss my policy options. The friendly agent offered to meet with me and review my existing coverage to see if we could shave off anything that was superfluous.

Although he was honest about my coverage being higher because of the recent claims he promised to help me find every discount that I was eligible for, including a discount for good credit.

We met for the appointment and went over my existing policy. Since my wife’s car was older and had already been in one accident we decided that I didn’t need to have collision coverage for her any longer. We also canceled my current home owner’s policy and combined both policies with the same company.

After looking more closely at my policy we raised my deductible, got rid of the towing and car rental allowances and we were able to finally get my policy down to a more manageable rate. I knew that due to my recent unfortunate luck that we weren’t the most prime candidates to insure, but the agent treated us with sympathy and professionalism.

Now it is five years down the road. Fortunately, we haven’t had to make any claims and our rates have returned to the original amounts that they were before our bad luck struck.

I’m glad that I found an insurance company that was understanding and willing to cover us. They have a customer for life.

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