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Arizona Home Owner Insurance & Liability Limits

Posted on: September 15th, 2010 by admin

Can you say off the top of your head what your liability limits are on your Arizona home owner insurance? Most people are unsure what their limits are and why they have the limit that they do have. The liability limits in your Arizona home owner insurance is surprisingly a very cheap portion of your policy but also could be one of the most important. Most people assume that there Arizona home owner insurance is to protect their home in case of an unfortunate situation. Most people are correct to assume this. However your home insurance is also there to protect you personally, this is where your liability limits in your policy come into play.

Let’s say for example that you have a Girl Scout troop going door to door selling their delicious cookies. Once they arrive at your house one girl trips on your walkway that is cracked an uneven and breaks her arm. Without getting too much into the legalities, technically since this poor girl broker her arm on your property you are responsible. Having high enough liability limits in your home insurance policy will ensure that everything will be taken care of and you are not leaving yourself vulnerable.

If you have not already done so it is worth the time to pull out your Arizona home insurance policy and take a look at your liability limits to make sure they are high enough for your situation. What you will find out that if you do want to raise your limits you often can increase your coverage by a couple hundred thousand for as little as just $20 or $30 per year. It is worth giving your agent a call to do a review and making sure you are properly covered for those unfortunate situations that may arise.

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