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Arizona Car Insurance- How Much Do You Need?

Posted on: December 2nd, 2009 by admin

It is almost 2010 and with the start of a new year comes New Year’s resolutions.  Many people make a resolution to put together a budget and to get a better grip on their personal finances.  Putting together a budget and uncovering the areas in your life where you are spending the most money can be extremely beneficial.  You may be surprised where your money goes each month.  It is easy to get caught in the trap of using credit cards and debit cards.  When you use these financial instruments it can be easy to spend money without paying much attention to where it is going.

As you go through your budget you will surely find many money savings opportunities.  One such category will likely be auto insurance.  Arizona car insurance rates can vary widely form one carrier to the next.  You could potentially save hundreds of dollars.  As you begin your search it is important to understand your needs.  Before you begin your search you first need to decide how much to buy. 

The required minimum limits for Arizona car insurance is 15,000/30,000/10,000.   Although these are the minimum limits required to operate your vehicle, it may make sense for you to purchase additional coverage.   You may be wondering what 15,000/30,000/10,000 means.  In simpler terms it means that if you are involved in an accident your insurance policy will pay out no more than $15,000 in liability coverage per person, no more than $30,000 per accident (assuming there is more than one person in the car), and no more than $10,000 for property damage.  It may make sense for you to increase your coverage.  You may be able to add coverage for very little additional premium.

The best way to shop for Arizona car insurance in these hectic times is online.  If you do a google search for Arizona car insurance you will find many options.  It is best to choose an independent insurance agency that represents multiple insurance companies, no just one.  They should be able to save you time and money by providing you with multiple insurance quotes.

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