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Are my ATV’s or trailers covered under my home insurance Phoenix

Posted on: January 9th, 2010 by admin

A common question that is posed is, are my “toys” like my ATV, snowmobile, go-kart, golf cart or mopeds covered under my home insurance phoenix policy? What about my trailer? Let’s discuss the “toys” first and then we will look at trailers. Typically all motorized vehicles except for those used for service to you home itself are excluded under your home insurance phoenix policy. Why? Because these vehicles typically carry with them a higher than average risk which makes the insurance companies want you to have them separately covered. The only exception to this rule is usually if you are using the vehicles on your residential property or on vacant land you own then your homeowner’s policy will cover you under these scenarios. What if I am renting or borrowing a golf kart or ATV? When you rent or borrow these motorized vehicles you will have liability coverage from your homeowner’s policy usually without any restrictions on the size or type of the vehicle. For the golfers out there, when you rent a golf cart you are actually covered under your homeowner’s policy. The rule of thumb here is if you own any “toys” talk to your agent on how to properly insure them. If you are borrowing or renting any “toys” your homeowner’s policy should provide you with liability coverage.

What about trailers?  Typically if you own a trailer, depending on the situation may be covered under either your auto insurance phoenix policy or home insurance phoenix policy. When you are actually using the trailer and it is hooked up to your vehicle your liability limits from your auto policy will carry to your trailer. The one caveat here is that it has to be connected to your vehicle, so if it becomes disconnected then you lose your liability coverage. When the trailer is at your residence or a temporarily somewhere else like a campground it is actually covered under your homeowners policy. When it comes to damage, your homeowner’s policy will usually cover you up to $1,500 worth of damage. This is usually excluded to windstorm damage for trailers outside a building and not theft coverage away from your home.

Overall remember to speak to your agent about your different situations and how to make sure you are properly covered under every scenario.

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